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Victor Gomes

Victor Gomes is a Portuguese musician who studied piano at the Conservatório Nacional de Música do Porto with Fernanda Wandschneider, Carlos Cebro and composition with the acclaimed composer Cândido Lima. He now teaches both piano and instrumental groups at the Curso de Música Silva Monteiro and other private Conservatoires around Oporto. Alongside his teaching career, Victor Gomes performs as a soloist and with ensembles, and is also busy as an arranger, composer and producer, mostly for educational purposes. He has written more than 100 compositions for various music ensembles (including Orff instruments), which have been performed in many parts of Portugal. He is currently writing piano arrangements based on compositions by Christopher Norton, for 4, 6 and 8 hands. He also works as an educational adviser for Roland Iberia and was one of the main people responsible for introducing ABRSM and Rockschool grade exams into the Portuguese music educational system.