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Leon d'Ourville

(b. c.1830-1850)

The circumstances of Léon d’Ourville’s life and times remain shrouded in mystery.  Although the Soirées Musicales originally appeared in print over one hundred years ago, it is, at the time of writing, impossible to find any hard evidence about when or where d’Ourville lived; indeed nothing can be presently reported concerning anything to do with his life or circumstances.  One of the more plausible (if speculative) ideas to be considered is that the name d’Ourville may be a nom de plume, but it will take further research to take the story forward.  The villages of Ourville-en-Caux and Saint-Lo-d’Ourville (in Upper and Lower Normandy respectively) might offer a clue but, again, there is no evidence at present to substantiate this suspicion.